St. Charles, Illinois

This facility started operating as a molder of wood-fiber composite products in 1924. Examples of their early products included the first seamless wood-fiber pails, a patented seamless speaker cone, the top and bottom panels for hard-sided luggage, and pith type helmets for police officers and security personnel.

In the early 1960s, the company started experimenting with fiberglass composites, for use in body panels for automobiles. These early experiments were extremely successful and launched the companies entire efforts into high strength composites technology.

This facility is 250,000 sq feet and has 21 molding presses.


Rock Falls, Illinois

In January 1995, Applied acquired the molding facility of Haas & Haas in Rock Falls, Illinois to add capacity for its growing composite sales. This facility was primarily molding a composite panel that simulated brick and stone and was used for exterior siding on homes and commercial buildings.

Currently, this facility also manufactures a wide variety of industrial, military and electrical industry components.

This facility is 60,000 sq feet and has 7 molding presses.